Thursday, 7 March 2013

What can we do about climate change?

By Sophie Thomas 11.2, Eco-Committee Member

Recently Cardiff University's Earth and Ocean Science Team came in and talked about climate change and its effects. They showed us how our planet has got significantly warmer over the past 100 years and how this is having a negative impact on LEDC's such Bangladesh and Africa.

Also they gave us an insight into what our planet will be like in the next 20 years if we continue to burn fossil fuels and use up great deals of energy. To end the presentation they got everyone to vote on whether they would prefer to adapt to climate change (continue living with the effects) or try to do something about it by reducing our carbon emmissions: reduce the amount of electricity we use and coal we burn. Interestingly 'to adapt' was the most popular answer and people thought it was too late to prevent climate change now.

Try completing the Carbon Calculator with your family! For more advice on energy saving:

The '2020 Energy game' - help your cnaracter make sustainable choices at the individual, local and global scale (holidays, transport etc.). This hame has lots of short documentaries on successful sustainability case studies. For example, how garbage becomes energy in Italy, or enjoying Eco-karting in in Belgium.

'My 2050' - explore different energy futures to reduce carbon emissions - how should we prodice and use energy in the UK in 2050? This online tool also has more information about different energy technologies and energy uses.

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