Thursday, 7 March 2013

Pupils become ChangeMakers

How can we make a difference to a global issue such as food poverty?

This was one topic that was discussed at a special conference organised by the British Council Wales to encourage and empower year 12 pupils to become ChangeMakers within their schools. The pupils left the conference with plenty of ideas of how they could share the knowledge and experiences they gained at the conference with their friends, families and pupils at the school.

FairTrade banana farmer, Sandra Joseph, with the year 12 pupils
Six year 12 pupils represented the school at the conference and had the pleasure of meeting a FairTrade banana farmer from St Lucia called Sandra Joseph. She talked about the benefits of her FairTrade status and the financial support the FairTrade Association gives her, especially during times of crisis. An example of this was when a hurricane hit her farm and it took her and her colleagues six months to get it back up and running again. Without her FairTrade status this may not have been possible.

Pupils from across South Wales took part in the conference

The pupils made personal pledges such as:
- to not waste food by only buying and cooking the food that they need;
- to purchase FairTrade food;
- to record how much food their family wastes and encourage them to waste less.

Pupils worked together to discuss ideas and to put a plan together for school-wide pledges

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