Tuesday, 19 March 2013


This evening, pupils and staff from the Eco-Action Club made a tree-mendous effort to plant 37 trees donated to the school by the Woodland Trust.

The Woodland Trust protects and promotes native British trees. All kinds of trees were planted including birch, dogwood, cherry, holly and oak.

Despite the rain, the pupils worked hard to dig T-shaped holes, plant the saplings, place the spirals over them and slide a cane down through the spirals to support the new trees as they grow.

Selina Radcliffe, from year 8, said "We went on through the rain. It took us less than an hour, to plant all 37. We all real enjoyed the experience. We all got stuck in and got really muddy. We planted a variety of trees from dogwood to hazel. We would like to have people from outside the committee help next time. We would like to thank everyone who put their time in to make this happen. We would also like to thank the teachers that took their time to plant some trees with us." 

Tree planting has a positive impact on the removal of carbon from the atmosphere - woodlands provide vital new places to help the UK deal with climate change.

There are more trees to be planted and plenty to do in the school grounds - from after Easter join the Eco-Action Club.
KS3 - Week 1 Tuesday lunchtime
KS4 - Week 2 Thursday lunchtime


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