Monday, 6 October 2014

Street Food Club - Friday 10 October

On Friday 10th October it is the very first “Tasty Business” street food extravaganza! Tickets are selling fast! The Bar 44 street kitchen van will be arriving in school between 9.15-9.45. You are not allowed to visit the van until lunch time as it will be too busy preparing delicious food for you all to eat! The menu was devised by pupils with the aim of providing a healthy nutritious meal.

Tickets from the canteen are available for £2 for the meal deal. Also Barr 44 have agreed to do a small taster dessert for customers of the meal! For example Churros!

For this day only the diners will be allowed to eat outside, but only in allocated area shown in the picture above. There will be signs showing where to eat and extra bins will be provided. Please make sure you leave the area clean and tidy so that this fun event will be allowed to return and from another country! The paper that the taco wrap is served in, is biodegradable!

The Vale has also provided the 2 small gazebos for piƱatas and drinks to be served and as a backup in case it rains!

Remember to buy your meal deal from Tuesday- Thursday! Tickets are selling fast and furious, don't miss out on a taste of Mexico!

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