Tuesday, 14 May 2013

We are a FairTrade School

The school has just had its FairTrade status renewed for another two years and received a glowing report for the activities which have taken place in school over the last twelve months.

The FairTrade foundation were very impressed with the teaching and learning activities which have taken place in the classroom and also with the fantastic range of products sold and used in the canteen.
They also commented on how marvellous it was to receive evidence of the excellent links which have been formed between the school and the local community and the events, such as the FairTrade treasure hunt around local shops, which have been jointly organised by the school and the local community.
A huge thanks to all those involved in these events especially; Alice Sturgess-Webb, Holly Richardson and Ellie Hill who ran the committee this year, and all the ladies from the Cowbridge Town group.

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