Sunday, 21 April 2013

Where's my Water?

from Angharad Thomas and Selina Radcliffe

On Thursday 18th April we met Mr Walters and we said that there are only three water fountains working at the school because most of them were vandalised. Mr Walters explained that the water fountains where there hasn't been any supervision were the ones which were vandalised. Each time they are broken it costs £130 for a new part. Also, the water fountain on the ground floor of A Block was damaged and leaked water which caused the flooring to rise.

Mr Walters suggested that one of the water fountains could be replaced with a chilled water dispenser like the one in the canteen. This would be better than a water fountain because the water would be filtered and chilled. Also, it would be easier to use than the water fountains to re-fill bottles.

So we thought that by reception and the toilets was a good place to put one because there are staff in reception all the time so it wouldn't be vandalised. Mr Walters also said that by reception would be a good place because we would need to get electricity to the chilled water dispenser because it’s run off electricity. This is why we couldn't put it down by P.E. or in any other block. He said that it should be ready to use after Whitsun half term.

Angharad Thomas and Selina Radcliffe are the year 8 representatives on the Eco-Committee.

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