Friday, 1 February 2013

Eco-Code Competition Winner

Congratulations to George Williams from 7.8 for his winning Eco-Code. He has won a box of chocolates to be shared with his form and his winning poster will be displayed around the school.

George Williams 7.8
The Eco-Code will be adopted by the whole school to encourage pupils and staff to be more eco-friendly and not be wasteful with electricity, gas, water and fuel.
Congratulations also to to Sam Bell, Josh Armytage and Luke Evans from 7.6 who came up with the slogan 'Don't be a waster, be a saver' which has been incorporated into the final Eco-Code. They and their form also win a box of chocolates.
The runners-up were Freya, Izzy, Emma, Ella and Layla from 7.1 and Imogen Marlor from 7.8 who wrote a poem.
The winner was chosen by the Eco-Committee and year 7 pupils were praised for the high standard of entries and the creativity shown. To see a selection of the best entries, go to the Eco-Code Competition Entries tab at the top of this web page.

Runners-up Freya, Izzy, Ella, Emma and Layla 7.1

Runner-up Imogen Marlor 7.8

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